Splendid building plot

CL-6060000 Puerto Tranquilo, Puerto Ibanez

CHF 1'326'000.-
Splendid building plot
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Come, join us, and step into another world.

At the far end of a beautiful Patagonian valley, deep inside a huge national park, lies an incredible piece of earth.
As one slowly advances through the valley, stepping steadily away from civilization, the reality sinks in:
This is what our planet would be like if it weren’t for us.
The purity of the air and the water is shocking to our numbed senses.
Dream with us to create a place like no other.
For us and for all other creatures living there.
To celebrate humankind as a part of nature.
To give more than we take, to regenerate and add to the natural beauty and abundance.

Facts & figures
Palomar is situated in Chilean Patagonia, right off the world famous Carretera Austral.
The property lies at the end of one of the five valleys with an access to the mighty Northern Patagonian Ice Field, a gigantic shield of ice that is easily visible from outer space and the world‘s third largest fresh water reserve.

Palomar‘s location within Patagonia is comparable to the Alps of Central Europe or the Rocky Mountains of North America. Green valleys, snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes: At first glance, its landscapes are confusingly similar to the Alps. Purchasing it is very much comparable to buying a big part of the Zermatt valley - five hundred years ago.

The 599 hectares are being sold for 1,500,000 USD. There are no land taxes and the carrying costs are minimal.
With an additional investment of 1,000,000 USD a big self-sustainable structure can be built, providing amenities like modern bathrooms, clean and cozy beds and a fully functional kitchen. And thanks to Starlink it will be connected to the world at large.

With our 20+ years of living and operating here we are well prepared to make this one of the most beautiful places in all of Chile - if not the world.
We can provide access on foot, with horses, a jet boat and a helicopter. We can guide and sustain, we can plan and execute. Whatever it takes: Together with you we can make this vision come true.

We are looking for investors to share in this project, the unlimited potential, and the magic of having unfettered access to one of the worlds greatest wild landscapes. Investing in Palomar means becoming part of our family of gauchos and adventurers, dreamers and doers, all of which is needed on the frontier of humanity.


Building lot
Palomar - Patagonie