Grandiose panorama, new and quality construction

CH-1803 Chardonne, centre Chardonne

CHF 1'500'000.-
Grandiose panorama, new and quality construction
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This small residence "Opale", under construction, of 6 lots is built with first quality and ecological materials.
Gas heating with separate meters per accommodation. Excellent sound and thermal insulation.

The land on which this achievement is based undoubtedly has the most beautiful location in Chardonne, since it not only benefits from an exceptional view of more than 180 degrees, but also from an access road without relief.
The tranquility of the place is in itself a call for serenity and renewal.
The slope of the land has been deliberately preserved in order to preserve the plunging view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Residents can therefore benefit from this grandiose panorama through the openings made up of facades, as well as through that of the exterior surfaces (balconies terraces), and enjoy constantly undulating lighting.

All the elements inherent in the typicality of the village have been included in this realization, such as the wood at the back of the residence reminiscent of the forests located nearby, the dry stone walls similar to those which delimit the plots of vines, as well as that the outdoor common spaces with their reduced arborisations reminding everyone of the places of the villages of yesteryear; the whole adapted to a construction of contemporary style.


Condominium apartment
Chardonne N. 1.5m
Number of rooms
Number of bedrooms
Living area
197 m²
Terrace surface
37 m²
Weighted Surface
209 m²
CHF 8'126.-/year